Why did Rocks in My Way Have No Chance?

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The rocks were in a group of four in close proximity and inauspiciously located directly in the middle of my jogging route. While jogging, I often enter a very soothing state of reverie which distracts me from the clamour of the outside world. Therefore, I have stumbled upon “these rocks in my way” several times over the years. I also get jerked around when riding over them on my bicycle. One time, I fell and came crashing down. I carried a bruising, piercing pain around for quite some time.

While jogging this evening (20th March) I was able to surmount my stony nemesis in my way and learn an interesting lesson at the same time.  I was beginning to wonder if I was a bit loony because, to paraphrase Einstein, repeating the same mistake again and again is a sign of insanity. 
Winter this year has refused to go away and since the weather was not so pleasant. I was not especially looking forward to going out. It was a bit warmer and the snow had melted. As I approached “the four rocks” I happened to notice that one of them had seemed to be a bit loose due to the earth having soaked all day in the melted snow. I kicked it. It moved. Hmm. My kicks had never caused that before. I knelt down and really struggled with it, not caring what any of the office workers in the huge adjacent office complex might think, should they be observing me.  It squelched and finally budged.

Suddenly, the wretched thing was in my hand! That was the largest rock of the four, about thrice the size of a clenched fist. The others would be easy. I kicked them and tugged them and pried them with a dry brittle twig. They did not have a chance. They relented. I won. After years of negotiating with them I was finally rid of them. I became engulfed by sweet, vengeful pleasure.
I placed all four in a pile and looked at them proudly. At the same time, I was a bit disappointed in myself. They were small and puny. Not much to them. How could I let these little runts literally trip me up for so long? 

My take: it was my belief and attitude. I had thought the whole time they were small boulders too deep in the ground to be extracted except by some earth moving device. When I noticed that their position in the ground was wobbly, I changed my belief and was able to do away with them in several minutes. Changing your belief system and the way you perceive things changes your behaviour.

I was ready to jog on. I looked at my watch. It was 17:20. This whole escapade happened exactly at beginning of the spring equinox. Spring had sprung! This point in time is an especially auspicious omen in many cultures. I felt invigorated.

Lesson learnt: perhaps the rocks in the road are less than they seem. Give the rocks in your way a kick and see what happens.