For well over three decades I have been privy to just how strained things can become ‘at the top’. Lawyers, bankers and traders, expert medical doctors and other executives, those involved in creative pursuits or in the communication industry, have got to be – often from dawn to dusk – full of vigour and able to deliver one superb performance after another.

If you are one of these people you have surely experienced the less glamourous side of high performance: overwhelm, an elusive ‘work-life-balance’ (I don’t like this expression, and will explain my reasons to you personally), decision fatigue; right through to oppressive burn-out. One longs for the well-deserved time to relax and the long-awaited holiday but knows deep down that these are, alas, a drop in the ocean.

I will guide you away from stress, overwhelm and self-doubt toward a measurable, perceptible inner balance and high-energy productivity:

  • You will provide the highest performance in a state of self-confident authenticity,
  • You will strengthen your essential business skills, for example: presentations, public speaking, negotiations, job interviews, social networking,
  • You will learn how to remain composed and stable, even in the most difficult situations,
  • You will be able to tap and implement your own strengths and resources,
  • You will shatter your mould; you will transcend your confines!

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