During our coaching, I will guide you into a state of coherence and congruence, which you will learn to summon yourself, at will: high performance with no stress.

Congruence means that your thoughts, feelings and behaviour are in full agreement and oriented toward achieving the desired outcome. When congruent you can …

  • Take command of difficult discussions and situations,
  • Take pivotal decisions with composure,
  • Say ‘no’ and mean ‘no’,
  • Remain serene and vibrant – even in chaos,
  • Create your own ‘solution space’ and develop your internal strategies

Coherence is the harmonious connectivity between the physical and mental states.

No one can function properly during a presentation or negotiation, for example, when the heart is not at ease. When coherent, you can tune your heart beat and consciously calibrate your body into the most productive, energised state.

Congruence is subjectively perceptible – not only in and to yourself, but also to the ones with whom you interact. Coherence, however, can be objectively measured.

Those who can achieve congruence in most situations are already strides ahead, just as those who can achieve coherence are. Those however, who can routinely extemporise both states will never need coaching again.