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Congruence + Coherence = 😎

During our coaching, I will guide you into a state of coherence and congruence, which you will learn to summon yourself, at will: high performance with no stress.

Congruence means that your thoughts, feelings and behaviour are in full agreement and oriented toward achieving the desired outcome. When congruent you can …

  • Take command of difficult discussions and situations,
  • Take pivotal decisions with composure,
  • Say ‘no’ and mean ‘no’,
  • Remain serene and vibrant – even in chaos,
  • Create your own ‘solution space’ and develop your internal strategies

Coherence is the harmonious connectivity between the physical and mental states.

No one can function properly during a presentation or negotiation, for example, when the heart is not at ease. When coherent, you can tune your heart beat and consciously calibrate your body into the most productive, energised state.

Congruence is subjectively perceptible – not only in and to yourself, but also to the ones with whom you interact. Coherence, however, can be objectively measured.

Those who can achieve congruence in most situations are already strides ahead, just as those who can achieve coherence are. Those however, who can routinely extemporise both states will never need coaching again.

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perceptible coaching success

As I see it, using subjective benchmarks to measure personal change and development is not enough.

For this reason, we will keep a journal during our time together to measure and evaluate your progress using a subjective and objective measurement. A well-known and recognised component to measure is the heart rate variability (HRV). The HRV indicates how much the heart rate varies within a certain time frame. A lower and more stable variability – whether in sleep or in a previous, stressful meeting – designates internal coherence and is a key indicator of resiliency and flexibility and can assist in enabling you to adapt effectively to stress and situational demands.

In addition to a subjective assessment of the success of your coaching, the regular monitoring of your HVR will provide an undistorted, objective reference point.

Everyone is not only themselves, they are the inimitable – and in every case – the important and remarkable point where the phenomena of the world cross, but only once and never again.
— Hermann Hesse

coaching methods

If you gave a dozen top chefs the same recipe you would not get a dozen identical-tasting dishes, rather, each dish would be a distinct creation: each chef’s creation would resemble and reflect the chef’s own ‘handwriting’. With coaching it is no different: coaching methods are models and processes; how the coach implements these is a result of not only their own personality and style –but also, of course, a reflection of who the client is.

Every client provides their own distinctive potpourri of ‘ingredients’ and, in a constellation which exists only once. Even when ten clients stand before me and complain of burn-out, I would know that each and every one of these people are completely different from each other and that each one requires a completely individual coaching intervention in order to achieve the best results.
In addition to my decades of experience in the business world and with people from many different countries and backgrounds, the following methods and processes have greatly influenced me:

  • The hypnotic approaches of Milton Erickson
  • Hypno-systematic communication
  • Dialectical Behaviour techniques
  • Neuro-linguistic programming (Classic NLP & New Code NLP)
  • Heart Math®
  • Mindfulness techniques based on Prof. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn

During our first discussion I will gladly explain what these methods and measures entail and, which one(s) might be appropriate for your situation.

Coaching Approaches

At the beginning it is not possible to determine exactly which coaching approach would be ‚the optimal one‘ for you. During the course our working together we will determine which methods are most appropriate. It is not until then that we can both gain insights into which solutions will help you to achieve your goals.

  1. The initial telephone conversation is gratis and free of obligation.
  2. Should you wish to pursue your coaching with me, we will begin with a two-hour intensive session so that we can completely explicate your situation and commence with the first steps toward a solution.
  3. The additional sessions will be for one hour and, in the meantime, we will remain in email contact. If you live or work far away, or have a tight schedule, we can, of course, arrange a half-day or an all-day session.

Your invoices can be paid by either debit or credit card after each session, or, by bank transfer. After your needs and the contractual details have been discussed, I will send you an offer.

How Long Does a Coaching Last?

It might be rather sobering to learn this, but the honest answer is: it takes as long as it takes. A precise prediction is unfortunately impossible (and therefore unethical). The success journal can provide a good basis for measuring your progress in achieving your desired changes. Whether you have reached your goals is a determination that only you and you alone can make.